1g Organic THC Distillate Vape Cartridges


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This is an exceptional, best in class, 1g 87% THC distillate vape cartridge from Pure Intense Certified Organics (PICO).

Intended for improved and watchful vaping, it is sealed and youngster confirmation with consuming evidence technology so that your oil will never burn or turn darker. It also has a movable wind stream controller for additional power over inward breath and flavor. It will convey the ideal hit until the cartridge is vacant. This is genuinely the Rolls Royce of cartridges and the best item available.

PICO cartridges are made with high-grade careful steel, Pyrex glass, and a third era Swiss-made clay loop. The THC distillate is produced using just natural BC pot and flavors got from cannabis plant basic oils (terpenes). We utilize our licensed 5-advance extraction procedure to guarantee the best item accessible.

*NOTE: This is only a cartridge, you need a vape pen to have the option to interface it to so you can vape.

We have 2 distinctive vape pens to look over that you can purchase independently or you can likewise utilize the pen from the PICO Box Set.

Draw Activated Vape Pen/Battery by Cannary – 3 Colors Available!

Catch Press Vape Pen/Battery – 5 Colors Available!

*NOTE: These 1g PICO trucks and furthermore their Disposable Pens can’t be opened to be topped off. PICO’s 0.5g trucks that are sold independently and furthermore in the PICO Box Set can be opened and topped off yet they’re not made for that reason so we can’t promise them to work that way. A few clients report that it works and some have had blunders and the trucks don’t work subsequent to being topped off.

*NOTE: These 1g PICO trucks are too wide to even consider fitting inside a CCell Palm pen.


Expel the cartridge from the alter and youngster verification bundling by holding the dim discharge button.

Basically screw the cartridge onto the 510 string battery (vape pen) and breathe in for the PICO Experience.

*Ideal smoking wattage for this battery is 7.5 watts. Be that as it may, every client may have their very own inclination.


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