Ghost Train Haze

THC: 25%

CBD:  0.2%

Effects:- Euphoric, Cotton Mouth, Creative, Energetic, Paranoia


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Ghost Train Haze Cannabis Strain

Ghost Train Haze is an incredible Sativa prevailing hybrid strain of cannabis bred by Rare Dankness. It is a hybrid of Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG. This strain is a pleased beneficiary of both the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup US Sativa first Place spot and the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup Medical Sativa second Place spot. It is likewise a yearly champ of High Times Strongest Strains on Earth. This powerful strain has been tried as high as 25% THC.

Attributes Of Ghost Train Haze

The flavor of Ghost Train Haze is sweet and piney, with traces of citrus, lemon, and zest. In any event, separating a bud will cause a solid, cloudy scent to penetrate around the room. The splendid green buds of the Ghost Train Haze chunks are thick and thick, rich with trichomes and covered in light orange hairs. The liberally iced buds will doubtlessly make them think Christmas came early this year! The smoke is amazingly smooth, with a greater amount of an OG taste with a sharp, sweetly pine flavor.

Type of High

This strain is outstanding for its powerful impacts, having even been included on the May twelfth, 2012 front of High Times, serving as a sort of visual ambassador to represent the “Strongest Strains on Earth.” The impacts are regularly regarded as marginal hallucinogenic by even the most experienced smokers, with both the potent rapture of Sativa with the substantial body stone of an Indica. While the strain can provide a boost in energy and uplifting euphoria, it is better used for relaxing due to the cerebral haziness that occurs with stronger doses. Needless to say, it’s best to keep the dose low if you plan on having an active day.

Medical Benefits

Ghost Train Haze is a very potent strain, with a wide variety of medical applications.

Ghost Train Haze is very effective in the treatment of glaucoma, depression, and PTSD.

Also, Its calming, relaxing effect in light doses proves useful for customers with Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD.

Most importantly This strain is good for those suffering from the symptoms of cancer, both alleviating pain and increasing the appetite.


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