Sour Diesel Shatter


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Sour Diesel Shatter Online

Sour Diesel Shatter is an incredible sativa strain causing this to shatter an ideal stimulating smoke. Keep dynamic with this amazing shatter. Ideal for most day time exercises just as unwinding on the patio with a virus glass of cold lemonade.

Sour Diesel Shatter is a BHO shatter with a hearty, diesel, sharp nose.

Get Sour Diesel Shatter in Canada.

Sour Diesel Shatter Online . Sour Diesel is a sativa assortment of cannabis that offers stimulating and strengthening impacts. This strain of cannabis is known for giving durable help with discomfort and elevating euphoric impressions that will have you large and in charge for a considerable length of time. Sour Diesel offers ancestry connecting back to the notorious Chemdawg phenotype of Skunk and the scandalous Northern Lights strains. With hereditary qualities, for example, this you can be certain that Sour Diesel will give an encounter like no other. Sour Diesel Shatter can be devoured within a joint, bowl or touched inside a concentrate pen/spot rig


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