Strawberry Kush

THC : 18%

CBD:  0.1%


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Solid and sweet, Strawberry Kush is a 70/30 Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s available by clone only. Featuring a musky impersonation strawberry taste, this strain satisfies its genealogy. Normally found as a cross between the sweet Strawberry Cough and OG Kush, it is solid yet not overwhelming. A strong strain for beginner customers, it’s a languid strain that delivers a quieting substantial body sensation. However, impacts fluctuate by phenotype. For growers, Strawberry Kush is available by clone only and typically flowers between 8 and 9 weeks.

Attributes Of Strawberry Kush

With a smooth THC level that midpoints at 18%, it is an extraordinary strain for first-time smokers. It brings a mind-boggling smell of citrus and strawberry with notes of hearty pine waiting in your nose, while it offers a flavor profile that is like a musky impersonation strawberry taste. Nugs are excessively thick and shrouded in dull orange pistils with a fine tidying of light trichomes.

The individuals who smoke the indica form of Strawberry Kush love the quieting body impression that accompanies its high. Clients are useful and will in general pick this strain as an after-supper treat, and some find that it can even help with excitement. The more Sativa-prevailing assortments of Strawberry Kush carry a sharpness to one’s psychological state, making it to a greater degree a daytime sort of strain.

Medical Applications

With Its indica or sativa effects, either version of Strawberry Kush is very effective when it comes to medical uses.

Strawberry Kush is good for stress reduction and helps with depression and chronic pain.

Its also very useful for cramps, headaches, or soreness despite the fact that it is not super strong when it comes to THC

Most medical cannabis patients also run to this strain to help out with the loss of appetite, Anxiety, and Insomnia.


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