Super Sour Diesel

THC : 26%

CBD:  0.1%

Effects:- Euphoria,Happy,Dry Eyes,Creative,Paranoia,and Uplifting


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Super Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain

Taking after its well-known guardians, Super Sour Diesel is one mind-blowing Sativa. A powerful cross between Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, Super Sour Diesel takes out pressure and torment while encouraging imagination and rapture. Super Sour Diesel empowers, making it incredible for daytime use. New clients, in any case, should use caution when trying this strain. The herb is super potent, with THC levels in the range of 18% to 20%.

Attributes Of Super Sour Diesel

The light green buds, a typical attribute among strains of Sour Diesel ancestry, are decorated by smooth trichomes. So, the liberal crystal frosting and orange hairs are a treat to the eye. The taste is somewhat suggestive of fuel, as most diesel strains are good for. A sweet breath out leaves a tart trailing sensation on the tongue. Also, The impactful and natural smell is a reasonable sign of its ground-breaking impacts, which leave clients with temperament height, an enthusiastic rapture and a lift in imagination. Separating the buds will probably demonstrate to be a clingy procedure and finger-licking great, many would argue.

Type of High
Super Sour Diesel initiates upbeat, euphoric cerebral buzz helps vitality, expands innovativeness and social collaborations. Conveys dependable agony control, by and large agreeable and fun. May cause eye dryness and distrustfulness. While it additionally spurns energy, apprentice smokers should portion shrewdly, as the solid cerebral impacts cause couch lock or introverted tendencies.

Medical Benefits

Super Sour Diesel being a super potent herb has a variety of medical applications

Super Sour Diesel can be utilized to treat anxiety, and its powerful pain-fighting properties can help reduce headaches and joint inflammation as well

Also, this strain is good for appetite stimulation for those suffering from anorexia, treats ADD and ADHD well.


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